Why I came back to the industry I love, by Geoffrey Bray

geoffFor many years I have been fortunate to be able to work with people in the fleet industry who share my passion to continually challenge the status quo, to introduce industry innovative solutions and most importantly, to build personal relationships based on trust.

Many of these relationships, I am pleased to say, are as robust today as they have ever been.

No one person knows everything. We never stop learning. It is my experience that the best ideas, resulting in innovative products and services, are produced when knowledge, skill and experience is shared by like-minded individuals that recognise the industry challenges and then identify and propose solutions.

For myself as an individual there is still so much more to discover, where will technology take us? And importantly how can we channel all of its brilliance so that it becomes our servant and not our master?

I have been invited, and have accepted, the role of non-executive chairman of the new fleet management company, Fleet Service GB.

This new company, using an industry first co-ownership model, brings together a professional team of individuals who in every respect reflect my own vision of what a customer-centric fleet management company should look like.

As a team, they possess all of the ingredients necessary to deliver an exceptional level of customer service. They have all worked extremely hard to put the business together and I am delighted that they feel that my experience and guidance can be of use.

The aims and ambitions of Fleet Service GB as set out by the founding team are very exciting and I very much look forward to playing my part, as a mentor in helping the team build what I believe will be outstanding and unique fleet management organisation.

The next stage of my journey in the fleet industry has just began.

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