Meet the team – Marsh Webb

Name: Marsh Webb

Job Title: Fleet management support services lead.

Explain your role in 10 words: Client vehicle acquisition and disposal, variety of fleet administration functions.

What’s the best aspect of your job? The people I work with.

What’s the worst aspect of your job? Being stuck behind a desk!

How long have you worked at Fleet Service GB? 19 months.

What was your first paid job? Paper round.

What’s your favourite car? BMW M4.

What one thing would you like to achieve before you retire? To visit Hawaii whilst I’m still young…(ish).

Outside of Fleet Service GB, what would your dream job be? NASA scientist/engineer.

Who in the world would you most like to meet? Clint Eastwood.

What is your favourite way to spend a day outside of work? Something active, out in the fresh air and sun.

If you won the lottery how would you spend the cash? Look after the people that matter to me. Then do what I want, when I want. For the rest of my days!

Not a lot of people know that… I once met tough guy actor Danny Trejo (Google him) in New York City. He was very cool, and kind enough to have his picture taken with me. Top man.

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