Meet the team – Dom Shearn

Name: Dominic Shearn

Job Title:  Marketing and communications Lead

Explain your role in 10 words:  Marketing and communications strategy, design and implementation of corporate literature

What’s the best aspect of your job?  Being part of a dynamic team

What’s the worst aspect of your job?  Not having the time in the day I need

How long have you worked at Fleet Service GB?  From the start, 2014

What was your first paid job?  McDonalds when it opened in Bath, I made a mean burger!

What’s your favourite car?  Aston Martin DB11

What one thing would you like to achieve before you retire?   Enough money to retire on.

Outside of Fleet Service GB, what would your dream job be?   Professional cyclist or boatbuilder, but I lack the ability and skill

Who in the world would you most like to meet?  My wife’s father who died before we got together

What is your favourite way to spend a day outside of work?  Doing triathlons or on the beach with my wife

If you won the lottery how would you spend the cash?   Buy an Aston Martin and take my whole family on a holiday around the world!

Not a lot of people know that I’m preparing to run 100km, in one go, on a treadmill for charity in 2018

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