Meet the team – Becs Croce

Name: Becs Croce

Job Title: Accident management claims handler

Explain your role in 10 words: From vehicle damage to vehicle repair and everything in between

What’s the best aspect of your job? Showing compassion to drivers following an incident and being compassionate in sometimes upsetting circumstances

What’s the worst aspect of your job? Using the toilet after Leo!

How long have you worked at Fleet Service GB? Almost one year

What was your first paid job? A Saturday girl at a hairdresser

What’s your favourite car? Mainly vintage cars, 1950s. But for modern day cars, I love the Honda Civics and of course, most camper vans…

What one thing would you like to achieve before you retire? I’d love to travel more, my ambition is to travel throughout Asia

Outside of Fleet Service GB, what would your dream job be? To spend my life working at festivals or just to be paid to attend them!

Who in the world would you most like to meet? DJ, record producer and musician Fatboy Slim (aka Norman Cook)

What is your favourite way to spend a day outside of work? Either at a festival or at a gig

If you won the lottery how would you spend the cash? Travel, travel and more travel!

Not a lot of people know that… I auditioned to be a Bluecoat at Pontins but by the time I was offered the job, I’d fallen pregnant with my son so I sadly had to turn down, my then, dream job

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