Achieve Management Services


Fleet Service GB knows the detailed administration of any fleet operation can be both time consuming and heavy on manpower.
Our Achieve Management Services facility is available to all clients as a highly efficient and cost effective way of handling the minutiae of fleet administration.

Achieve Management Services Support:-

  • Compliance with related legislation
  • An efficiency objective
  • Effective vehicle and driver administration

Tasks delivered by the programme includes:-

  • Purchase of vehicle road fund licences
  • Notification of MoT testing requirements
  • Payment of parking and traffic fines
  • Provision of European travel insurance
  • Assistance with European travel documentation
  • Assistance with PIID reporting
  • Provision of private car scheme
  • Assistance with driver handbook and policy creation

Other services can be supplied upon request.



Policy Review – covering drivers, vehicles and operations

  • Discuss existing policy (all aspects)
  • Agree an integrated policy

Funding Evaluation / Options

  • Leasing options
  • Outright purchase
  • Cash options

Vehicle Sourcing and Acquisitions

  • Manufacturers negotiations
  • Dealer negotiations

Vehicle Maintenance Management

  • National Price Promise
  • 24/7 Service Support Centre
  • Online reporting and analytics
  • Warranty management

Vehicle Breakdown and Recovery

  • 24/7 Driver Support Centre
  • Management of manufactures’ provided cover
  • Provision of a pay-as-you-go service
  • Administration of all associated driver needs

Vehicle Crash / Collision and Incident Management

  • 24/7 Service Support Centre
  • Third party claims processing
  • Uninsured loss recovery

Driver Risk Management

  • Compliance with work-related health and safety requirements
  • Driver behaviour modelling
  • Intervention programme
  • Analytics reporting

Vehicle and driver management services

  • Integrated driver handbook
  • Associated administrative processing

Vehicle Hire / replacement

  • 24/7 Service Support Centre
  • National provision
  • Multiple suppliers
  • National pricing

Vehicle disposal

  • Management disposal process
  • Optional disposal routes