M6 Toll charges to rise – but new off-peak discounted rate introduced

M6 Toll charges are set to rise from midnight on July 12 by between 10p and 30p for motorbikes and cars, between 10p and 50p for light goods vehicles and between 20p and 50p for HGVs, depending on the time of travel.

However, weekday pricing will change from the current day and night rates to include an additional off-peak discounted rate for drivers travelling on Monday to Friday between 5am – 7am and 7pm – 11pm.

Additionally, following a series of product trials over the past 12 months, M6 Toll operator, the Midland Expressway Limited, is launching three new pricing options – Hopper, Shuttle and ReturnPass – providing savings to drivers who regularly use the road.

Hopper caps weekly travel to £35 based on 10 return trips, which could save drivers more than 35% a month; Shuttle allows commuters to benefit from unlimited local journeys for £20 a week, which, it is claimed, would save the average driver more than £100 a month based on a commuting week; and for those travelling longer distances, ReturnPass provides a 20% saving on every same-day return journey.

Andy Cliffe, chief executive, Midland Expressway Limited, said: “The M 6 Toll is significantly faster than alternative routes, making planning more accurate for businesses and individuals and boosting overall efficiency. We’re committed to making our route stress-free and reliable for all, that’s why we’ve put customer feedback at the heart of our new off-peak price bands and our recent product trials to cap prices and offer attractive savings to local and/or frequent users, ensuring we maximise the positive impact of the M6 Toll across the Midlands and beyond.”

Details of the new prices are in the chart below. If travelling along the M6 Toll heading further afield northbound or southbound, payment is at one of two mainline plazas (mainline in the chart below). If a journey means travelling on just part of the M6 Toll by coming off at one of the local junction plazas, a lower charge rate applies (junction in the chart below).

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