New case study published: Sleepless nights put to bed as LiveWest utilises integrated Fleet Service GB technology

“I now have fewer sleepless nights than I did six months ago”. So says Paul Ayris, fleet manager at LiveWest, following implementation of Fleet Service Great Britain’s (Fleet Service GB) Achieve-branded programme of services.

Critically that includes Achieve Driver Management, a comprehensive online real-time and fully integrated safe driving programme that measures driver performance, and the closely related driver app.

LiveWest’s business partnership with Fleet Service GB began in August 2018 with a pilot programme, but in April 2019 the housing association outsourced the management of its entire fleet of 317 light commercial vehicles to the organisation, which has now published a case study on the actions implemented and the results. The case study can be read here.

Getting the van drivers ‘on side’ was a key issue for LiveWest and their willingness to respond was underpinned by a record four-week sign-up to the Achieve Driver Management initiative.

Mr Ayris said: “I have been impressed by Fleet Service GB’s ability to listen to what we required and deliver solutions. One of the key reasons for engaging with the company was asking myself the question ‘what keeps me awake at night’?

“I now have considerable fewer sleepless night than I did before partnering with Fleet Service GB.

“When I switch my laptop on and open my Fleet Service GB portal I am effectively opening my fleet office. A snap shot overview is accessible 24/7 meaning that I can see the picture of the fleet spread across six counties at any moment in time.

“LiveWest now has a fully auditable vehicle and driver management system and we are doing as much as we can in terms of managing those assets and the business-related journeys they make. We are on top of managing the fleet.”

Marcus Bray, head of sales at Fleet Service GB, said: “Fleet management is all about continuous improvement and that is what LiveWest is focused on. The task does not standstill and is never complete, but having implemented a robust strategy it requires constant review and change for many reasons, not least due to business change and legislation.”

Fleet Service GB case studies on clients National Milk Records Group, Stannah and VPS Group are also available.

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