FSGB to continue technology focus in 2018 as it helps customers meet compliance objectives

Leading-edge technology and delivery platforms are at the core of fast-growing Fleet Service Great Britain (FSGB), which in late 2017 moved into larger offices and in the New Year will continue its focus on the integration of all services to deliver to customers a genuine end-to-end management solution, notably in the occupational road risk management sector.

Every element of FSGB’s range of vehicle, driver and journey management solutions is handled through integrated technology as a result of the company’s investment in systems and people to achieve its objectives.

FSGB’s business success during its almost 36-months of existence is built on the company embracing a unique co-ownership model and its senior management team having more than 100 years’ experience in all aspects of fleet operations with a clear focus on delivering internally-developed, innovative solutions to customers.

Based on listening and working with customers to deliver a combination of both app-based and online solutions, FSGB’s DNA is client partnerships to maximise operational cost reductions.

Marcus Bray, FSGB’s head of sales and co-founder, said: “The technology takes vehicle, driver and journey management solutions to new levels with in-depth analysis and access to a wealth of data and information.

“That development continues apace in 2018 and will reflect new challenges, notably the May 25, 2018 introduction of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), which will have a potentially significant impact across organisations, and particularly for fleet introduction of connected cars.

“Some of the information already collected by employers relates to employees and their behaviour so FSGB will help businesses to be clear about what information is being gathered and why and how it is being used.

“FSGB is helping customers with that transparency, while ensuring customers’ operations, systems and processes continue to align with compliance and audit requirements of industry standards such as Van Excellence, the Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme and the CLOCS (Construction Logistics and Community Safety) Standard.”

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