FSGB is the Cream of the Crop for National Milk Records

The UK’s leading supplier of milk recording services, National Milk Records (NMR), is using Fleet Service Great Britain (FSGB) for all its in-life vehicle and driver management requirements.

Headquartered in Chippenham, NMR operates an 83-strong fleet comprising: 41 Skoda Octavia and Yeti cars driven by field-based area account managers, 28 Citroen Berlingo vans driven by field-based area co-ordinators making farm visits; and 14 user-chooser management cars.

The range of services provided by FSGB embraces: day-to-day fleet management including maintenance management as well as accident management and risk management. The latter includes driver licence validation checks against the Driver Vehicle Licensing Agency data, driver training and an ‘authority to drive’ initiative that is effectively a continuing appraisal of an at-work driver’s approach, attitude and performance in general driving.

FSGB was launched by Marcus Bray, who with his father and stepmother was instrumental in the growth of Fleet Support Group (FSG) from a kitchen table concept to becoming the UK’s largest privately owned fleet management company managing 55,000 vehicles and drivers when it was sold in 2011. NMR had been an FSG client.

Tracey Firth, NMR senior administrator with responsibility for the fleet, said: “High quality personal service is important to NMR. Following the sale of FSG we kept in touch with Marcus Bray, with whom we had always enjoyed an excellent relationship.

“As a result of the launch of FSGB we decided to partner with the company as we wanted to return to the high services levels we had enjoyed previously.”

FSGB provides all drivers with a one number telephone hotline and Ms Firth continued: “Fleet is only one of my responsibilities so the less I hear from the drivers the better! NMR needs a fleet partner that can manage the vehicles and the drivers to the standard that NMR requires and take charge of any potential issues.

“That is exactly what FSGB is doing and we are delighted with the service and support we receive.”

Mr Bray, FSGB’s head of sales, said: “A fleet management company must truly understand a client’s needs and become a genuine extension of the customer’s management team. By sharing goals and visions, trust develops which ultimately leads to a partnership that delivers a cost and operationally beneficial service.

“That is exactly what FSGB aims to achieve with NMR and, indeed, all its clients. Excellent customer service is paramount to business success. However, too many fleet management companies have lost sight of that fact and hide behind technology, systems and processes which can never replace personal interaction. Relationships and personal service are at the core of everything FSGB delivers.”

NMR provides management information on individual cow’s performance in terms of milk quality, yield and fertility. It is acknowledged by the industry that NMR is the market leader in the provision and support of dairy software in the UK. NMR also supplies aggregate data to more than 35 dairy industry bodies including milk buyers, DairyCo and breed societies as well as forming the basis for food provenance schemes for retailers such as Tesco, Sainsbury and Marks and Spencer. Farmers are the NMR’s customers and its recording services reach cows which produce 60% of the UK’s milk.

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