Achieve Fleet Service Partnership


The Achieve Fleet Service Partnership is a nationwide network of independent garages providing a value for money range of vehicle supporting services.
The experienced Fleet Service GB team has long recognised that working in partnership with specialist independent garages, can deliver a high-value service without compromising quality or safety.

  • National coverage
    The ever-expanding network of specialised independent Achieve Fleet Service Partnership garages covers the UK mainland allowing the delivery of Achieve services wherever vehicles are located.
  • Competence and capability
    Partnership garages are required to show, as part of a compliance agreement, qualifications and skill sets of all persons employed to work on vehicles.
  • Quality
    Quality or safety is never compromised. Manufacturer’s vehicle warranties are protected as part of the guarantee, ensuring only genuine or matching quality parts are used and any service, maintenance or repair is carried out strictly in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications and requirements.
  • Services
    The fully integrated aspect of the Achieve programme ensures a quick and efficient selection of a garage to provide the service. Jobs are allocated electronically, tracked centrally and linked online to a fully integrated documentation process.
  • Management information
    Our technology supports a real time dynamic process, between our Achieve services and Achieve Fleet Service Partnership, generating up to the minute management information, necessary for the continuous measurement of both the driver and the vehicle.
  • Benefits
    • A 24/7 fleet service partnership support centre
    • All work authorised before commencement
    • National price promise applied to relevant service maintenance and repair
    • Self-billing process – eliminating queries and invoice upselling opportunities
    • Guaranteed quality of service
    • Fully integrated as part of the Achieve family of services

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Part of the Achieve family of Driver and Vehicle Management Services

Our Crash Management service ensures that, in the event of an incident, the driver has only one number to call at any time of day or night.

A driver management programme managing work-related road safety.

Everybody knows that well-maintained vehicles improve a fleet’s efficiency and effectiveness.

A highly efficient and cost effective way of handling the minutiae of fleet administration.

Delivering a comprehensive range of fleet management services through its dedicated Achieve Fleet Manager division.