Fleet Service Great Britain enhances vehicle and driver management services to meet customer demand

Marcus Bray, head of sales, Fleet Service GBFast-growing Fleet Service Great Britain (Fleet Service GB) has revealed significant enhancements across its wide range of vehicle and driver management solutions.

The start-up fleet management company, which in just six months has almost 2,000 vehicles on its books, is using its agile IT platform to incrementally drive customers’ fleet efficiencies and thereby further deliver service enhancements.

The range of continuous enhancements across Fleet Service GB’s comprehensive fleet management service embrace maintenance management, accident management, driver management and fines management as well as out-of-hours call handling.

Head of sales Marcus Bray said: “Fleet Service GB delivers a fully tailored service to customers. Those clients have differing requirements and the company continues to react to individual demands to ensure fleets are operating at the cutting-edge.”

He continued: “All too frequently fleet management companies deliver an off-the-shelf package that they expect to meet the requirements of all clients. The result is that too often, fleet decision-makers purchase a commodity that does not meet their individual requirements.”

Fleet Service GB was launched in spring 2015 by one of the best-known family names in UK fleet management over the last 30 years.

Mr Bray, who with his father, Geoffrey Bray, and stepmother, Ina Bray, was instrumental in the growth of Fleet Support Group (FSG) from a kitchen table concept to becoming the UK’s largest privately owned fleet management company managing 55,000 vehicles and drivers, launched, with an experienced management team, the new fleet management company.

Knowledge and experience gained when building that business, which was acquired by United States headquartered ARI, has been instrumental in the rapid and continuing growth of Fleet Service GB.

Mr Bray added: “FSG’s reputation was built on offering industry-leading customer service. Technology has a key role to play in fleet management, but too many providers have lost sight of the fact that it is committed and dedicated people who actually deliver the service and ultimately make the difference.

“Fleet Service GB launched with cutting-edge IT systems, but the technology is only as good as the people using it.

“Processes and systems mean nothing if, at the sharp end, no-one really cares. Technology is simply a tool – the big ingredient is people and that is how Fleet Service GB differentiates itself in the marketplace.

“As Fleet Service GB continues to sign-up new clients our team of experts are working hand-in-hand with customers to deliver the solutions that they require. Fleet Service GB offers an all-encompassing fleet management solution, but their delivery meets individual demands.”

The launch services offered by Fleet Service GB focused on vehicle maintenance including a 24/7 call handling service.

Overarching the service programmes, the continuing technology development contains predictive and analytical tools with the ability to help manage future expenditure and support automated interventions, essential to control all operational costs surrounding vehicles and drivers.


For further information contact Marcus Bray, head of sales, Fleet Service Great Britain.

Telephone 03332 200508; email Marcus@fleetservicegb.co.uk

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