Achieve Fleet Manager


Fleet Service GB delivers a comprehensive range of fleet management services through its dedicated Achieve Fleet Manager division.
The team which delivers the service has a wealth of experience and expertise in all aspects of managing vehicle, driver and journey and will work with you to tailor a service, which will meet your operational and financial objectives.
Fleet Service GB delivers this service in an exclusive partnership with the Fleet Industry Advisory Group (FIAG).

  • Policy
    Having correct policies for all aspects of the fleet is the foundation for a successful fleet operation. The Achieve Fleet Manager team will produce proven and reliable policies to support your fleet objective.
  • Funding analysis
    The Achieve Fleet Manager team continually bench mark funding options, to ensure the funding method recommended satisfies a ‘best practice test’.
  • Sourcing and acquisition
    Regular meetings are held with vehicle manufacturers and dealers, a necessary activity to gain market intelligence on development, and importantly, industry trends.
  • Maintenance management
    The Achieve Fleet Manager team is used to authorise all requirements and approve all payments. Management information produced by the integrated process is reviewed, and actions taken, to ensure maintenance management objectives are met.
  • Crash management
    As with maintenance, all aspects of control and authorisation is delivered by the Achieve Fleet Manager team. Reviews of incidents are on-going, in particular discussions with insurers.
  • Driver management
    Achieve Driver Management delivers a unique, fully integrated range of services, which satisfy all work-related road safety requirements as set out in the Health and Safety Executives guide Driving At Work, INDG 382.
  • Management services
    Achieve Management Services sits at the heart of all the integrated services. The team every day deal with the minutiae of running the fleet, by the use of executive summary reporting and bespoke configurable dashboards. The Achieve Fleet Management team is able to ensure the agreed fleet objectives are met.
  • Disposal
    The Achieve Fleet Management team uses extensive industry knowledge to ensure the optimum disposal route is followed to achieve maximum value of the vehicle.
  • Strategy, recommendation and review
    The fleet delivery processes, and importantly, the results will be continuously challenged. Any improvements and changes recommended will be discussed as part of the monthly review – all agreed changes will be implemented immediately.

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