Achieve Fleet Manager – driving change



We have taken the decision to implement the Achieve Fleet Manager service offered by Fleet Service GB, our chosen partner for the management of all vehicle and driver related services.

A dedicated person within Fleet Service GB will become our fleet manager and be responsible for the management of all fleet related activity.

Clear operating parameters have been agreed with the fleet manager who by acting as an extension of our company will ensure that at all times you, the driver, will receive an excellent level of service on a 24/7 basis.

The Achieve Fleet Manager will coordinate the delivery of all the Achieve services which we have decided to use and are listed as follows.

  • Achieve Crash
  • Achieve Maintenance
  • Achieve Driver Management
  • Achieve Management Services

Achieve Fleet Manager will provide us with comprehensive reports and analysis – these reports will be used to determine the efficiency of the service and also identify where improvements or interventions are necessary in order to achieve our agreed financial and operational objectives.

Our commitment is clear and your support is essential to ensure that the wellbeing and safety of anyone driving on company business or a company vehicle for any purpose is being taken care of at all times.

The Fleet Service GB advantage

We are different
We make service personal
We never close

The vehicle. The driver. The journey.

Fleet Service GB want to be sure every time you use any of the services we have requested you have a positive experience.

It is important that you also read and understand the contents of the company handbook and related policy documents.

The company welcomes feedback – good or bad – which demonstrates a clear commitment on its part to continuously improve the service by listening and reacting to driver comments.

Our decision to use Fleet Service GB was also influenced by clear driver benefits such as:-

  • the use of an integrated driver App – fully supporting a dynamic communications programme
  • a genuine 24/7 Support Centre staffed by Fleet Service GB’s own fully qualified people (human response within seconds – no automated answering systems)
  • collection and delivery of vehicles for routine servicing and repairs

We were also influenced by the overall partnership approach demonstrated by Fleet Service GB, which supports our own company’s continual aim (in addition to driver safety and wellbeing) of achieving and maintaining operational efficiencies.