My fleet is a mixture of approximately 50% light commercial and 50% cars - my biggest challenge is managing the van drivers - should I treat all drivers - cars and vans the same?

I like the idea of no options are zero tolerance but to implement that across my fleet, does that mean I have to agree with all my driver's new contracts of employment?

Sharing information with all stakeholders makes good sense as I want to involve all the drivers. However, some of the financial data regarding performance, for example crash rates, vehicle abuse, etc, could be commercially sensitive. How do I overcome this concern yet still communicate the message to everyone?

The new norm should mean as far as I can understand no exceptions - company policies should ensure that everyone is included from top to bottom. Does the team agree that that should be the case and are there any suggestions how to deal with individuals who resist or refuse to comply?

Everyone talks about savings and reductions of cost - but is this real money and where does it end up. 'What's in it for me' has always been a question raised by my drivers - does the current climate present me with an opportunity to enforce policy changes that will not only work but last?

I can fully understand what you are saying, and this is something my business would really benefit from, but I would need help to start this process. Where can I get help?

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