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The Fleet Service GB Service Support Team is there to ensure an efficient delivery of a range of vehicle and driver management services, selected by your company

The management services available to you may vary from time-to-time and, in addition, a number of the services will have been customised to suit your company’s particular requirements.

Please make sure you have read and understood your company handbook and related policy documents, referred to as Essential Reading.

24/7 Service Support

Whatever services you require, make contact with the Service Support Team, either by using the driver app or making a telephone call.  All calls will be answered within a maximum time of 20 seconds.  You will be prompted for the service requirements, then immediately transferred to a qualified member of the service support team.

This is a human response service where the service support team are always available on a 24/7 basis.  Your actual requirements will be determined by a member of the Service Support Team and appropriate response help or assistance provided.

Services Available

Your company has selected a range of management services to support you and your vehicle.  If you have any questions regarding any of the services or you feel that there is a service not listed then please don’t hesitate to contact the Service Support Team who are there to help you.

Please note details of the available services:

  • purchase of vehicle road fund licences
  • notification of MOT testing requirements
  • payment of parking and traffic fines
  • provision of European travel insurance
  • assistance with European travel documentation
  • assistance with P11D reporting
  • provision of private car scheme
  • updating of the Motor Insurance Database

Customised Delivery

Your company has recognised that some of the management services need a bespoke delivery approach. To assist, your employer has provided the Service Support Team with detailed parameters covering all aspects of how the specific management services are to be delivered.  This will ensure that whenever you make a request, the Service Support Team has all the necessary information at its fingertips to make the correct decision necessary to satisfy your requirement.  If you have any concerns regarding the services available then please in the first instance, speak directly to your company line manager.

Integrated Technology

All of the services provided to you by the Service Support Team are delivered using an integrated IT platform. This technology ensures that as data is generated by each and every transaction, it is captured by the system, stored and then used as part of the programme analytics – nothing gets forgotten, overlooked or slips through the net.  You can be satisfied that all your driver and vehicle-related management services’ requirements will be dealt with efficiently and professionally and, importantly, you should know that all the data and information captured by the system is available to satisfy any robust audit.

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