Crashes – Accidents – Collisions – We are here to help

Achieve Crash Management

In the event of a crash/accident/collision you can make contact with the Service Support Team by either using the App or making a telephone call at any time.  

The Fleet Service GB Support team will support you throughout all aspects of the incident from the moment you make contact through to final completion.
Please make sure you have read and understood your company handbook and related policy documents, referred to as Essential Reading.



24/7 Service Support

The Fleet Service GB support centre never closes. Your telephone call will be answered within a maximum of 20 seconds by a qualified member of the Service Support Team who will be there to assist and guide you through all aspects of the incident.

You may choose to contact the team either by using the driver App, driver portal, or telephone. Whatever you decide, the same seamless personal support will be there for you.

The overriding priority of the support team is to ensure your safety and wellbeing at all times.

Supplier Partnerships

The Fleet Service GB Service Support Team works closely with Fleet Garage Partnership which is a national network of preferred repairing garages. You can be assured that the personal service you receive will be not only highly professional but also very flexible in order to accommodate your own individual requirements.

Simplified Administration

When you contact the Service Support Team to report a crash or incident the personal aspect of the service begins. The team will talk you through filling out the online claim form (if applicable) and provide throughout all the necessary administrative support and assistance. The team are there to support you at all times.

Safety and Wellbeing

As an integral part of the service available the Service Support Team can design for you (with your company’s permission and support) a personalised continuous driver training programme.

This is a very important aspect of the integrated Achieve programmes which have been built with a clear objective to help you drive better and safer.

Making Service Personal

From the moment you make contact with the Service Support Team, supporting and taking care of your needs becomes a priority. The team prides itself on delivering a personal service and are there to help and support you.

We never close