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Achieve Driver Management

Achieve Driver Management is a continuous work-related road safety programme, developed to help you improve your working life (whenever you are driving) and, at the same time, safeguard your welfare and wellbeing. Driving at work is recognised by your company as being stressful and is therefore committed to support everyone who is, or maybe, exposed to the associated risks.

Keeping You Safe

The driving environment is forever changing, technology, legislation and the continuing need to comply all bring their own challenges. By being part of the Achieve Driver Management programme you will find the support, help, advice and training, all directly influenced by yourself and positively experienced by other drivers, of real benefit. Please note, there is a library of Guidance Documents available for you to download – all designed to help keep you safe and well.

Continuous Driver Training

Achieve Driver Management delivers a bespoke ongoing training programme to every driver giving options along the way to create your own programme. Training at the outset, is online, with engaging and relevant e-learner modules being delivered at regular intervals. Additionally, in vehicle advanced driver training and interactive workshops are available. From the moment you register with the Achieve Driver Management programme your own Live Driver Score is calculated and presented to you on the front screen of the driver app. The Live Driver Score is used to determine the correct and appropriate training modules.

Driver Wellbeing

Your company recognises that driving, for any purposes, can be stressful so to help you better understand your own stress levels an optional wellbeing programme is available. You will find the information from the wellbeing module very helpful.

Protecting Your Data

The Achieve Driver Management programme puts you firmly in control of your approach and attitude to driving, irrespective of whether it’s at work or privately. To help and support you achieve your driving objectives it is necessary for the programme to collect, register, store and use data but be assured that the system is fully compliant with current data protection legislation. Including ICO and GDPR. For more information view our Privacy Policy

Recognising Valued Drivers

By fully embracing all aspects of the Achieve Driver Management programme you will be directly helping not only yourself, but your company, that has identified you as a highly valued member of the team and has introduced Achieve Driver Management to provide you with all the necessary help and support to drive better and safer. Achieve Driver Management is a fully integrated vehicle, driver and journey programme, is being enhanced on a regular basis and welcomes any comments or opinions that you might have.

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