Achieve Crash Management – driving change



Being involved in a road incident is never something you plan, but if it happens it is reassuring to know Fleet Service GB Support Team is there on a 24/7 basis, to provide you with all the necessary help and support which you might need.

The Achieve Crash Management Support Team is experienced in handling all types of incident situations and we are confident the service you receive will more than match your own personal expectations.

The driver welcome pack you will receive from Fleet Service GB contains all the guidance you will need, including use of the Driver App and other online facilities.

The completion of an online claim form will always help to speed up the process but be assured, you will receive a caring, considerate response, at what could be a stressful time, from the Fleet Service GB Team. This, we believe, is very important and why we chose Fleet Service GB to manage our Drive Safe programme.

You will receive a personal, prompt and efficient crash support service.


Please note all relevant information regarding crashes, vehicle damage or driver injury related events is recorded automatically as part of the integrated continuous measurement aspect of the Achieve Driver Management programme and will impact on your Live Driver Score. 


The Fleet Service GB advantage

We are different
We make service personal
We never close

The vehicle. The driver. The journey.

Fleet Service GB want to be sure every time you use any of the services we have requested you have a positive experience.

It is important that you also read and understand the contents of the company handbook and related policy documents.

The company welcomes feedback – good or bad – which demonstrates a clear commitment on its part to continuously improve the service by listening and reacting to driver comments.

Our decision to use Fleet Service GB was also influenced by clear driver benefits such as:-

  • the use of an integrated driver App – fully supporting a dynamic communications programme
  • a genuine 24/7 Support Centre staffed by Fleet Service GB’s own fully qualified people (human response within seconds – no automated answering systems)
  • collection and delivery of vehicles for routine servicing and repairs

We were also influenced by the overall partnership approach demonstrated by Fleet Service GB, which supports our own company’s continual aim (in addition to driver safety and wellbeing) of achieving and maintaining operational efficiencies.