Responding to a changing future

Responding to a
changing future


We encourage and facilitate the sharing of experiences using bespoke, developed technology, and industry knowledge and advice. All of which supports client management teams as they deal with the variety of driver and vehicle challenges presented on a daily basis.

At Fleet Service GB we bring together like-minded clients and industry experienced professionals, providing a learning environment which helps deliver business efficiencies by the application of fleet industry best practices, processes and procedures.

We continue to examine the risks associated with managing work-related road safety and the impact on employees who drive as part of their work requirement. Our User Group Workshops provide the perfect platform to discuss and learn, for example, from those clients who have already implemented Achieve programmes supported by driver and vehicle policies which deliver continuous benefits.


Fleet Service GB delivers a genuine 24/7 human response range of Achieve driver and vehicle management services and to support these services uses a comprehensive mix of communication channels and material options.

We never close and are always available to answer questions from clients and drivers about all aspects of the service.

A genuine partnership exists with an open disclosure and full transparency policy. For some time we have been providing drivers our own developed driver app, linked to our extensive operating systems, providing a real-time valuable extension to our communication programme.

Client workshops, user groups and other collective collaborative gatherings, all continuously enhance the communication programme, both essential and necessary to ensure future Achieve programme development which properly reflects client needs.


As an award-winning customer focused team there is a continual emphasis by everyone within the company on getting it right every time.

All our Achieve services are fully integrated, delivered on one platform, designed and built by our own IT team.  Nothing is outsourced which means consistency is embedded within all the services delivered.

This industry unique aspect of delivering driver and vehicle management services has ensured, for example, during the COVID-19 pandemic we have consistently delivered an uninterrupted high level of service to all our clients.

Having control of the processes and importantly the technology enabled a seamless transfer from office base working to home-working – we never missed a beat!


Within the changing world impacted by COVID-19 we all have to adapt in the way we work and to the environment we work in.

Our team includes a number of experienced industry professionals who understand the challenges, both operationally and financially, now being faced by companies who are running fleets of vehicles. This considerable experience, coupled with a long term commitment by Fleet Service GB to invest significantly in IT, provides all the resource necessary to first identify the problem areas and secondly to propose solutions which will deliver positive results.


The world of motoring and transport in general is entering a period of rapid change directly influenced by the concerns over the environment and the impact of forever changing motor related technology.

The formation of Fleet Service GB in 2014 presented the experienced foundation team with an opportunity to visualise the future and build IT systems which would integrate with driver and vehicle technology which in turn would revolutionise the way fleet management services were delivered.

The Achieve fully integrated vehicle and driver programmes, including the driver app, justify the development decisions taken by the founding team.  We are now in an excellent position to capitalise on the opportunities which industry changes are presenting.


We never stop listening to our clients – every person has an opinion, a view, an idea – we listen analyse, learn and improve.