Business booms for Fleet Service Great Britain as customer-centric, technology-led company enters fourth year of operation

Senior management team members (left to right): Pete Hitt (head of operations), Sarah Clifford (head of service delivery), Geoffrey Bray (executive chairman) and Marcus Bray (head of sales) with Fleet Service GB employees.

Business is booming for Fleet Service Great Britain (Fleet Service GB) as the co-ownership company moves into its fourth year of operation.

Fleet Service GB was launched in April 2015 by an experienced management team with a focus on delivering customer service excellence and a comprehensive range of fleet management solutions underpinned by industry-leading technology.

The company is now managing almost 7,000 cars and commercial vehicles for a wide range of clients that include Stannah and VPS Group; has relocated into new headquarters on a Corsham business park four times larger than its launch premises; and its growing customer base means that it now employs 22 people.

Fleet Service GB is led by head of sales Marcus Bray, who with his father and stepmother was instrumental in the growth of Fleet Support Group from a kitchen table concept to becoming the UK’s largest privately owned fleet management company managing 55,000 vehicles and drivers before the business was sold.

Mr Bray said: “Fleet Service GB is growing at a manageable pace based on a partnership approach with customers.

“Fleet Service GB is successful because as a fleet management company it truly understands the needs of each client and becomes a genuine extension of a customer’s management team. Hand-in-hand we identify and specify objectives and work together to find and deliver solutions utilising cutting-edge technology.

“Fleet Service GB continually strives to deliver fleet solutions that are the most cost-effective for customers, while always ensuring that vehicles, drivers and journeys are managed efficiently and effectively.

“Fleet Service GB through online solutions and technology such as its Driver App and Achieve Driver Management programme provides customers with all the necessary tools to manage vehicles, drivers and journeys with work-related road safety compliance to the fore.”

Fleet Service GB’s unique co-ownership company, in which members of the senior management team are all shareholders, meant that employees, said Mr Bray: “Would not simply go the extra mile, but the extra 10,000 miles to deliver world-class solutions.”

He continued: “We spend our customers’ money as if it was our own, but Fleet Service GB is not part of a giant corporation and does not have venture capitalists sitting on its back.

“Fleet Service GB is a profitable but cost-conscious company. As the customer base expands the business is investing in people and new fleet management solutions that deliver cost savings to clients.”

Services include in-life car and commercial vehicle fleet, maintenance, accident, risk and hire management; a range of other services that includes fines management; and a 24×7 service that includes an out-of-hours facility manned by expert staff and not outsourced to a third party as with most fleet management providers. Additionally, Fleet Service GB uses its expertise to assist customers with vehicle funding and disposal decisions.

Mr Bray said: “Through the technology already being utilised and that which continues to be developed by our own experts in partnership with customers, Fleet Service GB is on the road to delivering its vision of a totally integrated vehicle, driver and journey management solution that provides fleet decision-makers with all required information via a straight-forward dashboard to make critical decisions.”

Stannah, the UK’s leading independent supplier of lift products supplying goods as diverse as loading systems, service lifts, platform lifts, homelifts and stairlifts, and VPS Group, which specialise in securing, maintaining and managing vacant property across a wide range of customer and industry sectors, are two of Fleet Service GB’s largest customers operating more than 700 and 650 cars and light commercials respectively.

Martin Carter, Stannah’s group information systems director, who manages the company’s fleet, said: “Stannah is very open with Fleet Service GB about what it is trying to achieve. We want to maximise the use of technology to collect data so we can exactly identify what our costs are so we can effectively and efficiently manage the fleet.

“In Fleet Service GB, Stannah has a partner that understands what it is aiming to do and gets on and does it for us. Fleet Service GB understands the culture of the Stannah business, makes the right decisions on our behalf and is very good at doing so.”

Steve Mulvaney, head of fleet at VPS UK, said: “Fleet Service GB is responsible for the day-to-day management of the fleet. The Fleet Service GB team is hugely knowledgeable and experienced and through its skill VPS is benefiting from financial savings delivered across the fleet as well as ensuring compliance with best practice

“Fleet Service GB is going the extra mile in managing the VPS fleet and continues to deliver enhanced service, fleet efficiency and sustainable cost reduction and control through the data provided.”

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