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It’s not what we do on our own, it’s what we can do together.


From the outset Fleet Service GB had a very clear plan; to develop technology that would make a real difference in the delivery of driver and vehicle management services. The experienced management team, by having a blank sheet of paper and, by not being limited or influenced by old technology has taken an agile approach to development; responding to users’ needs and producing outstanding results, quickly.

As part of our ‘Intelligent Integration’ push we have produced our driver app. Available for use on Android and Apple devices providing a real-time communication between the driver and the Fleet Service GB Support Team.

Features of the App:

  • Interactive notifications, prompts, reminders and alerts.
  • Ability to arrange bookings for servicing, maintenance and repairs, including tyres.
  • Facility to report an accident, using GPS enabled location services which link directly to our Fleet Service GB Support Team.
  • Reporting a breakdown, using GPS enabled location services which link directly to our Fleet Service GB Support Team.
  • The ability to update mileages in real time.
  • A facility to upload images, capturing accident and/or vehicle condition.
  • Multiple vehicle management options.
  • Bespoke check sheet for vehicle condition reporting.


Step 1.  ‘Choose your platform’ – click on your specific platform.  You will then be taken to  your platform’s App store

Step 2:  Download the Fleet Service GB App

Step 3:  Once the App has downloaded click on the ‘Create Account’ button.

Step 4:  Type in your work email address and then click the ‘Create Account’ button again.

Step 5:  You will receive an email from Security, containing a link.

Step 6:  Click the link which will take you to our website to set-up a password of your choosing.

Step 7:  Return to the App to ‘login’ by entering your work email address and chosen password.

Please note, by following the above you will, in addition, now be able to access (by using your chosen password) the driver portal.