About Us

A co-ownership company where
service delivery is different


Fleet Service GB launched in 2014, is a fleet management company, with an award winning leadership team and staff who have collectively spent decades working in the UK’s multi-billion pound fleet industry.

Using their industry knowledge and experience, the team have created a vehicle and driver management company  that delivers exactly what fleet managers have identified they want.

That’s why the hallmarks of Fleet Service GB are; personal service, partnership and innovation.

Companies that uncouple relationships and de-personalise service and rely on technology to do the fleet management job soon find out the error of their ways.

Fleet Service GB will always be personal. That makes the difference within the fleet management industry where managing the intangibles is so important.

Fleet management is the core activity of Fleet Service GB. In addition Fleet Service GB also works with a number of well-established fleet industry partner organisations to deliver a suite of additional services that include vehicle funding and the acquisition and disposal of company vehicles.

The team at Fleet Service GB never forgets that it is the client who owns the asset and it is their money being spent.

To become successful, a fleet management company must truly understand the client needs and then become a genuine extension of the client management team – by sharing goals and visions, trust develops which ultimately leads to a partnership that delivers a cost and operationally beneficial service.

Fleet Service GB has a strong internal ethos – it looks at every aspect of its operations, how does it affect the staff, environment, community, supply chain partners and customers and adapts accordingly.

Working methods are reviewed on a consistent basis. This challenges the efficiency, effectiveness and performance of the business which ultimately benefits the customer

The Fleet Service GB advantage

We are different
We make service personal
We never close


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Fleet Service GB is a genuine extension of a client’s own fleet department working in a true partnership. In short we look after customers’ money as if it were our own!


Using our considerable industry knowledge and experience, we as an award winning team have created a vehicle and driver management company that delivers exactly what fleet decision makers have told us they want.


A genuine 24/7 personal service – we never close, using in-house developed and supported technology – embracing futuristic features – addressing all aspects of managing the vehicle, the driver and the journey


All the key personnel involved in Fleet Service GB are stakeholders in the business.  There is a continuing commitment to make a difference in the challenging fleet market.